The Sublime and Beautiful

The Sublime and Beautiful Movie

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When actor/director Blake Robbins (Sons of Anarchy, The Office, Oz, NCIS) wanted to create a vehicle to promote his directorial debut film, The Sublime and Beautiful, he turned to Miller Meiers. The site not only serves as a place to provide updates on the progress of the film’s production, editing process and rollout to film festivals, including the film’s prestigious showing at the Slamdance Film Festival, but it provides a vehicle in which viewers can share similar stories of the film’s central theme of loss.

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The Sublime and Beautiful

The Sublime And Beautiful

The Sublime and Beautiful

The Sublime and Beautiful


Project Details

Client: The Sublime and Beautiful

A movie by Blake Robbins
Shot on location in Lawrence, Kansas

After losing their children to a drunk driver, David and Kelly descend into a complicated spiral of grief and take very different paths to make things right.