Tango by H&R Block

Share The Love

When H&R Block wanted to launch a new online and software product that would take a new look at how to create an interactive, interesting way to complete taxes, Miller Meiers created the Tango client acquisition campaign strategy. The Tango “Share the Love” campaign was created to simplify messaging, create a clean appearance and deliver an innovative product to H&R Block clients.

Campaign Methodology
Heavy Evocative, Light Descriptive

The Tango “Share the Love” campaign will lean heavily toward stirring the feelings and emotions of clients, incorporating evocative threads throughout the campaign. Casting energy that clients identify with is our mission. We intend to utilize the full range of tools / techniques available within the digital space to touch clients and stir their souls to action.

Significant effort has been applied to identifying concise yet evocative language that amplifies the spirit and energy of the early feedback from actual tango clients. The specific language identified was:

“sweet” | “just killer ” | “whoa…” | “brilliant” | “who knew?” | “booya”


Tango - tax mojo

Tango web site

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Project Details

Client: H&R Block

Tax preparation software strategy and introduction