Shock Top Beer

Live Life Unfiltered

When Anheuser-Busch wanted to increase awareness for its Belgian wheat beer, Shock Top, it turned to Miller Meiers and environmental artist Stan Herd to make a big statement.

The Live Life Unfiltered campaign captured the unique spirit of Stan and his work – a man who lives and creates his art on his own terms. By incorporating the beverage’s ingredients (wheat, oranges, limes and coriander), Stan created unique earthworks for the brand that could be seen from a helicopter in Austin, Texas; a hot air balloon in Orange County, California; a pier in Boston, Massachusetts; and in traffic in downtown San Francisco, California. His earthwork outside Denver, Colorado, which was created to launch Shock Top End of the World Midnight Wheat, drew accolades across media channels throughout the country.

The Miller Meiers team brings creative vision and logistical expertise to create unique, value-added promotional campaigns like the Live Life Unfiltered series that incorporate stunning visual designs backed by solid marketing and communication strategies.



Project Details

Client: Shock Top - End of the World Wheat

Earthwork and event in Denver, Colorado