Harvard Business Review Press

Engaging Key Influencers Through A Robust
Social Media Strategy

Miller Meiers worked with Harvard Business School (HBS) and Harvard Business Review Press (HBR) to launch two books: HBR’s “Management Tips” from the organization’s well-known, successful management insights and expertise series, and Robert S. Kaplan’s book, “What To Ask The Person In The Mirror.”

In both cases, Miller Meiers developed a comprehensive digital marketing communications strategy, which included identifying key digital influencers in the leadership/management/MBA sectors and conducting outreach efforts to increase book sales.

The campaign for Robert S. Kaplan included compelling digital assets (web, social, video, advertising) to promote and help enhance the book’s sales. In addition, Miller Meiers implemented cross-promotional activities, including working with small business project-tracking software company Harvest, which is based in New York City, to connect their service to the business leadership techniques highlighted in the book.

The campaign for “What To Ask The Person In The Mirror,” the first book from Robert S. Kaplan, resulted in the book being one of the top 25 bestsellers for 800CEOREAD’s in 2011(#6) and 2012 (#25).





Project Details

Client: Harvard Business Review Press

Book Promotion:
What To Ask The Person In The Mirror - Robert Stephen Kaplan
Marketing Tips - Harvard Review Press