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    When Orcas Island Market wanted to refresh their digital presence, they made one thing clear: they wanted to ensure that the beautiful, rustic nature of the island was reflected in the brand voice, tone and style of the website and other social media presences.


    Orcas Island Market is a family-run market that has been serving the Eastsound, Washington community since the late 1800’s.  The market is located in the San Juan Islands – a group of islands that sits off the coast of Washington State near the Canadian border.

    Orcas Island is surrounded by natural beauty, as well as a sophisticated mix of arts, culture and great food. Home to the 5,000-acre Moran State Park, the island attracts an abundance of tourists each summer that are attracted to its lakes, hiking trails and public campgrounds – as well as Mt. Constitution – the highest peak on the island.  People visiting enjoy hiking, driving, boating and biking, as well as the artistic and cultural offerings of the island.

    Orcas Island Market is focused on health and naturals – priding itself in offering a variety of high-end quality products that both taste good and are good for you.  The store recently installed a Kombucha growler to offer a healthy drink to its patrons and a fruit stand for children to receive a FREE piece of fruit while shopping. The owners are focused on supporting local producers of high-quality products and also offers a variety of high-quality wines and craft beers.

    Elevation Brands provides digital strategy and branding guidance to Orcas Island Market through Instagram, Facebook and a website at www.orcasislandmarket.com.

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    The primary objective of Orcas Island Market’s digital channels is to raise brand awareness for the store to both residents and visitors and to combine the variety of activities the island offers, with a focus on quality, healthy and natural products. 

    The overall look/feel of the brand is focused on high quality products that captures the essence of super fresh, natural and organic attributes.  The tie in with the natural elements of the island is always considered when developing assets for the brand, which includes showcasing products that have a natural elements combined with the product and showing products in the natural environment of the island.

    Brand Key Words: Clean. Organic. Nature.

    Friendly, welcoming and personalized.  The tone/style is upbeat in nature with a personalized tone (“my Island Market”, or “your Island Market”) and a focus, when possible, on a local tie-in.


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    Posted: September 1, 2016


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